J. Anthony Granelli (bass)

J. Anthony started studying the bass at age 8 from San Francisco bassist Fred Marshall. Still only in his teens he began to preform with artists such as workshop faculty members Jay Clayton and Jerry Granelli. At this time he was playing with other artists like Julian Priester and starting his the group Timebone.

After Graduating from Cal Arts in ’91 (where he studied with Charlie Haden) he moved to New York where he now permanently resides. He started Love Slave Records in 1999 to feature the artists of his new hometown.

You can hear J. Anthony in the following groups:

  • Mr. Lucky
  • Ez Pour Spout
  • David Tronzo Trio
  • Jim Campilongo Trio
  • Briggan Krauss’s Fuzz Fill
  • Jerry Granelli’s Badlands project
Watch a video of him playing here.

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